My mission is to use design as a catalyst, as a tool that opens new paths,
changes perspectives and gives us the opportunity
to create a better world.


Eisel Miranda -

Industrial Designer.

Design applies to nearly everything, but i’ve found two areas where I find its impact more meaningful and useful:

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I define myself as an explorer, an illustrator, a storyteller and a strategic thinker.
My work is determined by conceptualizing ideas and materializing them through planning, organizing and implementing projects. Such projects are focused in problem solving, social awareness and cultural promotion. Approached from different disciplines and techniques to generate effective and innovative strategies, that respect the environment, the context and the society in which they operate.
I graduated with honors from the Universidad Iberoamericana (Ibero) in Mexico City with the degree of Industrial Designer.
During my studies (2011-2015), I developed in:
-Leadership, mainly as President of the Students’ Council, Aurea DI and throughout my career education in the different assignments directing most projects i’ve been involved with
-Management, coordination and implementation of national and international conferences, exhibitions and practical workshops
-Illustration, sketching and 3D modeling
-Toy design and educational materials
-Graphic design, publishing, branding
-Jewelry, pottery, prototyping and photography
Significant projects
-8ª Bienal Nacional de Diseño by INBA (Instituto Nacional de las Bellas Artes), obtaining 2nd place with the strategy One World at a Time (Un Mundo a la Vez) (2015) for the non-profit association APyRE.
-President of the Students’ Council of Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Áurea DI (2014-2015).
-During my term as President, I organized the international Event 55 Quince (2015), a series of lectures with the participation of designers, architects and artists like Humberto Campana from Brazil, Hector Esrawe, Yvonne Domenge, Emiliano Godoy, to name a few. The event also consisted in workshops and two exhibits, 55 Quince expo, in display for a month, in collaboration with Vitra by Pavilion and Masisa.
-Exhibition Somos Diseño (We are Design) for the Design Festival Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2014.
-Musi toy (2015) a personalizable cuddly toy for both sexes and a wide age range for the Museo Soumaya Fundación Carlos Slim.
-Global Armor Mexico was interested in developing a tactical transport. So we designed Vertebrae (2013) a concept of a field customizable emergency assistance vehicle in natural disasters.
-Concerned about the drastic statistics of diseases generated by fertilizers and pesticide poisoning suffered by the Mexican day laborers, I developed the concept of the IVI bottle (2013), which helps to improve health and prevent such afflictions.
-As part of my social work, I developed the project Yo Soy Arte (I am Art) (2014), with Kopalli Arte Público, for a kids’ shelter in Oaxaca México.
-Design of the brand Tolipali (2014), for the Clúster Mueblero de Jalisco, which seeks to reflect culture, color and Mexican folklore through furniture and interior design.